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Hutsonville CUSD #1

Hutsonville CUSD #1, 11 days ago

Meals will continue to be delivered through May 31. Next week we will deliver Friday and Monday meals throughout the week so our staff and volunteers can have Friday, May 22 and Monday, May 25th off. The last delivery date will be May 29, you will receive your weekend meals earlier in the week. Thank-you.

Hutsonville CUSD #1

Hutsonville CUSD #1, 22 days ago

Nathan Allcorn's food delivery route, or Candi's bus route, will be running a little late today and from this point on. We had to combine some routes, thank-you for your understanding!

Hutsonville CUSD #1

Hutsonville CUSD #1, 25 days ago

Big shout out and Thank You to Missy York and Palestine Insurance Agency for feeding our delivery crew, volunteers, and food service workers. We greatly appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness in feeding this amazing group!

Hutsonville CUSD #1

Hutsonville CUSD #1, 26 days ago

United Way Art Contest-Get your creativity hat on: view image

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