Important Notice

August 16, 2021 BOE Meeting Vote 

Reopening Plan 2021-2022 Outline

Per the CDC July 9, 2021 Guidance, “School administrators should consider multiple factors when they make decisions about implementing layered prevention strategies against COVID-19. Since schools typically serve their surrounding communities, decisions should be based on the school population, families and students served, as well as their communities.”

Schedule: Full day and full schedule

Remote learning:- No remote learning to be offered, unless required by doctors note, too young for the vaccination or don’t want to take the vaccination.  Remote learning will be contracted out as a third party vendor this year.

Masks- As per the CDC guidelines, masks will be recommended for teachers and students.  If Hutsonville’s CUSD #1 population conditions change or worsen we can look at and make modification.

Social distancing:- Per CDC Guidelines Hutsonville CUSD #1 will strive for 3 ft distancing when and where possible.

Morning check-in procedures- we will continue to trust parents to NOT send their students to school when they are sick.

Quarantine due to close contact- all our data suggest the spreads did not come from school but from home. If a student tests positive for COVID, they will be quarantined per IDPH rules by the CCHD. The CCHD will perform the contact tracing, and notification to the school. Hutsonville CUSD #1 will provide assistance when necessary.  Quarantine of students will only be required at the direction of the CCHD. (Both the Crawford and Clark County Health Departments)

Spectators at Extracurricular-No limitations on maximum spectators and no restrictions

There are some areas that the State of Illinois still requires all school districts to follow:

  • Students will continue to be contact traced by the health department
  • Masks will be required on all school busses.
  • Students/Adults with COVID-19 will need to stay home, CCHD will do the quarantines.

The Hutsonville CUSD #1 will continue to monitor COVID-19 cases on our campus and if we see community spread within the district will adjust the plan as necessary.

Hutsonville CUSD #1 will continue to encourage and provide for plenty of opportunities for  hand washing/hand sanitizer, keeping students home when sick, and additional  cleaning procedures.

The above is aligned with the CDC guidelines and subject to change based upon changes from the CDC.