On the eve of Thanksgiving I want to take this time to reflect on all the things I am thankful for as the high school principal. Over the past 8 months, at times, I have lost focus on what to be thankful for because there is so much. We all know that it has been a challenging year for people, businesses and kids, but even in the dark there's always light.


I am thankful for my students, who come each day to school unsure of what tomorrow brings. Knowing they are missing out on some of the best times and events in his or her life, they continue to have a positive attitude and impact on the school. I love each one of them and am blessed with the opportunity to aid them in their challenges and celebrate their accomplishments.

 I am thankful for my teachers that truly care about each and every one of our students. This is a staff that puts in countless hours throughout the week and on weekends and teach in manners that are out of the norm. They have been resilient and they are incredible and I am blessed to have them on my team.

 I am thankful for all of the support staff who works tirelessly to provide the essential services that make our school run smoothly. They are the unsung heroes in the school that allow our kids to have clean rooms, food at breakfast and lunch, safe transportation to and from school, and all the other thankless tasks they do throughout the day.

 I am thankful for our community that supports and cares about our school. Who entrust us with their most prized possessions and add to the family culture we have here at Hutsonville. The pride I have for the school and the community is why I love my job here!

 I am thankful for the administrative assistants for all the help and support they give throughout the year. They are invaluable to our school and there is no possible way to say thank you enough  for everything they do. Hutsonville is truly blessed by them.


Finally, I am thankful for our leadership at Hutsonville, the Board of Education and Mrs. Kraemer, for their vision and transparency. It is without question that they put our students first in every decision they make. They have provided me with invaluable guidance and love this school as much as I do. I am grateful for the leadership they provide.


As I wrap this up, I want to stress the importance of family. I thank you for trusting me and my staff with your child. I care about them as if they were my own and love seeing them at school. Over this holiday weekend please take time to give your kid a big hug and tell them how much you love them. I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!


Mr. Titsworth


Hutsonville High School