Hutsonville CUSD #1

ESSER-III – Use of Funds

Per the Illinois State Board of Education, each school district that receives ARP ESSER funds must develop a plan for its use of the funds and submit it to ISBE within 90 days of funds being received. School districts must provide the public opportunity to provide input on the plan, take such input into account, and post the ARP ESSER plan on their website. Individuals wishing to comment on the ARP ESSER Funds Allocation Plan for Hutsonville School District #1 may email: or by May 1,  2022. All written comments will be shared with the Board of Education. In addition, the public is welcome to comment at the upcoming board meetings on Tuesday, April 19, 2022, and Monday, May 16, 2022.  The meetings will be located in the Hutsonville Community Center, 116 South Main St. at 7:00 p.m. In order to ensure that funding coming to our district meets our current needs, district surveys, parental, staff, and community input will be gathered.  If you have any questions regarding our ESSER III Spending Plan, please contact Julie Kraemer, Superintendent or Travis Titsworth, Assistant Superintendent, at 618-563-4912.

  • Purchase of instructional programs and materials to enhance the instruction of the students and improve student achievement and growth
  • Salary for faculty, staff, and transportation to provide and plan for targeted intensive after-school services and summer school to close the gaps and provide student growth in learning deficits.
  • Researched based interventions used to close the gaps
  • Purchase of assessment programs to help identify individual student areas of strength/improvement as well as the learning loss that resulted from the pandemic
  • Staff to assist with students in small groups that are struggling or lagging behind academically as well as to foster positive learning environments, behaviors, and smaller class sizes when possible.
  • Support group for mentoring our youth to work on building confidence and our students' social-emotional wellness, rigor, and how to successfully handle issues.
  • Purchase of equipment, supplies, and staff to repair and improve facilities as well as reduce the risk of virus transmissions
  • Professional Development to encourage and recharge teachers, and increase knowledge on researched-based instructional materials as well as interventions.
  • Purchase of technology devices, as well as hardware/software, infrastructure to improve student engagement as well as hands-on instruction for all students
  • Purchase of cooler system on boiler unit in junior high
  • Staff salary to provide mental health services
  • Installation of new air filtration system in welding area and Ag room.
  • Purchase and installation of digital sign to increase public awareness
  • Window film protection to increase building security and help with heat reduction
  • Key-less security door system for improved security
  • Update floor surface for safety of students, staff and guest
  • Roofing repair to ensure mold/mildew from occurring and provide safe environment.