Bus Route

As the upcoming school year approaches, getting students to and from school safely and effectively is always a top priority. With this, I am looking for parent feedback on what their preference would be for the upcoming year. Last year, we went to 3 routes which made some students bus ride a little longer. This year we are looking at adding back a 4th route that would help shorten students commute to and from school. However, if we do go to 4 routes there may be days or weeks we would have to revert back to 3 routes if we are down a driver due to a number of things. I am posting a 1 questions survey needing your feedback. In the survey, if you choose 4 routes you understand this is 4 routes with the flexibility to be 3 routes if needed. If you choose 3 routes this would be a constant schedule with no change to the daily route. Please use link to access survey. 


Thank-you for your input!

Travis Titsworth